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Egypt Slots

Welcome to the land of ancient Egypt. It can be told that a long time ago, Pharaohs used to rule the land, and the entire country was mainly guided by signs and symbols to determine their fortune. The black cat and the sun were their main source of power and adoration. Now, even if thousands of centuries have passed, you can still partake in the good omen that long-ago people have enjoyed right at Egypt slots.

The Objective of the Game

In this slot game, there are five reels. Your ultimate goal is to ensure that the same image will appear in every one of them. However, since slots are entirely a game of chance, the next best thing to do is to check out the best possible combinations that you can take advantage of, which can also guarantee you with bonuses.

For example, if you come up with 2 Bas and 2 Udjats, you get yourself one free spin. If you have 2 Pharaohs and 2 Udjats, you will be entitled to 5 free spins. There are also combo bonuses, where appearance of 4 Bas can guarantee you with 3 spins. All these bonuses will assure you with more slot games and spins, since there will be no deduction to your free credits. These can be given on top of the possible combinations that you can come up with during the game.

How to Win Big at Egypt Slots

There are 6 different types of images that you can find in Egypt slots. Each one of them has their corresponding payout value, depending on how many times they appear within the five reels. The image bearing the face of a mummy's tomb has the smallest value, if it will appear only 3 times. The Udjat, on the other hand, has the least value if they appear 5 times during the slot game.

If you truly want to make it big time in Egypt slots, you should watch out for Bet Wild Jacks. If it appears 5 times, your payout can reach as much as 7,500 credits. The lowest possible payout is 2,000 credits, and you can get it if you can only produce 3 of such images in one spin.

Your next goal should be the sun with a huge number 7 on it. The lowest possible payout is 50, in which the image will appear 3 times in one spin. If you want to get the highest, you should get 5 of them. This is then followed by the black cat, the highest value of which is 500 when it appears 5 times. However, it can go down to 20 credits if there are only 3 of them on the slot machine after the spin.

There's no need for you to download the software if you want to play Egypt slots. This is based on Flash, so as long as you have the right plug-in in your computer, you can run this anytime and anywhere you want.