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All Star Slots

Who doesn't love soccer? It's one of the most favorite sports in the world. Men could definitely attest that there's no other sport they would love to learn when they are young than this. Women, on the other hand, would like to cheer on their men, as they go around kicking balls and defending turfs.

Now, soccer has been adapted in casinos, and no, you don't have to kick balls. You just need to clank the bar of the slot machine and watch your chances increase as you match different soccer images. And if these aren't good enough, you can sit back at your own room-and not pay at all.

Here at Slots Bee, we recognize the admiration and appreciation of thousands of soccer enthusiasts all over the world, and this will be our homage.

Our All Star Slots are available for everyone. You can choose to play it offline by simply making sure that you have the Flash plug-in in your computer. Open it in your selected Internet browser. But what makes our All Star Slots special is that you don't need to download anything. Ours is a Flash-based version, which makes it faster to run and a lot easier to play. As long as you can have your Internet connection, you can enjoy our All Star Slots 24/7.

Know How Much Your Winnings

If soccer games have scoreboards, we have our own counter that will help you keep track of your winnings and losses. If you can look at the screen below, you can see there your total credits, which will be reduced or increased depending on the figures that appear on the Won and Bet sections. You also have Bonuses, where you can look forward to free spins if you can get combo or free bonuses.

Payouts are huge in All Star Slots. If you can get the Cup five times in the five-reel slot machines, there will be an addition of 7,500 credits to your existing 1,000.

You do have plenty of chances for your free spins. There are three possible combinations for your free bonuses. A combination of 2 shoes and 2 soccer balls can give you 3 free spins, while 2 orange players and 2 blue players can get you 5 free spins.