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Egipt Slots
Egypt is based on the theme of Ancient Egypt, a five reel slot machine with the Egyptian king and Egyptian fortune as symbols.


Indiana Slots
Indiana is based on the theme of India, a five reel slot machine with various kinds of fortune as symbols.


All Star Slots
All Star Slots is based on the theme of soccer, a five reel slot machine with trophy, ball and whistle as symbols.


Fruits Slots
Fruits Slots is based on the theme of fruits, a five reel slot machine with brightly colored traditional fruit images and bars as symbols.


Maya Slots
Maya is based on the theme of Ancient Maya, a five reel slot machine with treasure of Maya as symbols.


Wild Slots
Wild is based on the theme of Wild, a five reel slot machine with various kinds of wild images as symbols.

Enjoy Free Slot Games at Slots Bee

Perhaps one of the most exciting games in the world is a casino. There, people are buzzing with life-betting, shouting, screaming, whining, and whole lot more. But do you really have to go to a live casino to experience all these? Better yet, do you really need to spend hundreds to thousands on games that aren't sure to double your bets afterward?

Welcome to Slots Bee, your perfect alternative to the usual high-stake casino games. This will be your ultimate playground when you're in the World Wide Web. We carry with us a lot of benefits, including the following:

  1. You don't need to spend a lot of money just to enjoy. At Slots Bee, you enjoy our slot machines at the comforts of your own home. You can sit back, relax, and invite your friends to come over and take turns in choosing and "pressing" our slots. See what types of prizes that you can enjoy.
  2. We have wide range of slot machines to choose from. We have Egypt, Maya, Fruits, Wild, Indiana, and All Star slots that you can pick. They do have their own level of difficulty, depending on how many lines you're going to choose as well as the images that you want to deal with. You can also pick between 3 and 5-reel slot machines.
  3. You have the option to download or not. All of the slot games are available in Flash version. This way, you can always have fun with them 24/7, without having to go through any installation process. You can also save a lot of memory space into your hard drive. Perhaps you have other valuable programs in mind? Nevertheless, leave the browser open and you can keep playing the game even without the Internet connected. Or, you could always download the slots software to you pc (installation-free). It's as simple as that!
  4. These games are absolutely for free. Keep your pennies and Benjamins with you. We are giving you these slot games totally for free.  You will be given 1000 virtual credits so you can play a variety of games we offer at Slots Bee. You can also choose the amount of credits that you're going to use per line then click spin.

Slots Bee makes use of a well-designed calculation mechanism to make sure that our games will remain fair to all players. Images are randomly selected until you can come up with matches. They have also been created to be totally user-friendly. You can even invite your teens to play with you. If you need help on how to use the software or navigate through our website, though, please feel free to give us a holler and leave a message at our Contact Us page.